Modern bio-pharma organizations are balancing processes, procedures, and communication with the need for customer-centric models when opting for tech-enabled transformations. To enable digital transformation, new pathways and partnerships are most pivotal, and this is where Greymatter Innovationz brings in the value. Our cross-functional expertise and tech-centricity enable us to assist you in acquiring industry capabilities and bring out a holistic strategy-led approach across every facet of operations.



Augmenting pharma distribution with integrated systems

Find out how our expert team of drug supply SMEs helped a global pharmaceutical major with industry and process standards related to Clinical Supplies and Lifecycle Drug Supply Management. We developed, validated, and deployed a distribution system to enhance their clinical services documentation system for a better user experience.

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    Expanded integration with other internal systems
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    Enhanced visibility of data
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    Reduction in time and resources with automation

Ensuring cross-functional digital content management

As a Brand Liaison Manager, Vanesa Juárez supports clients with flawless project management, ensuring digital asset creation and localization. Learn more about how our team of brand experts supported a global pharma company with flawless project management, ensuring digital asset creation and localization. We helped them streamline operations and processes to simplify their processes with a Digital Factory.

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    Enhanced cross-functional communications
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    Standardized quality across the project

Enhancing customer experience with an end-to-end content delivery model

Discover how our team of experts helped a Bio-pharma giant ensure best practices and optimize campaigns with our recommendations. We helped them streamline their content plan using Veeva, Salesforce, and Marketo tools to provide their customers easy and any-time access to product information.

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    Reduces vendor management dependencies
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    Saves time needed to troubleshoot technical issues
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    Allows seamless workflow

Supporting promotional content management systems for a Bio-pharma giant across the globe

See how he helped a global Bio-pharma giant manage and resolve over 9000 global compliance issues on a daily basis using Veeva Vault MedComm and Promomats to speed up the creation, review, and distribution of their content while remaining compliant with regulations.

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    Consistent compliance as per changing business regulations
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    Up-to-date support for all Veeva Vault releases